We were living in Atlanta, Georgia and had made yearly pilgrimages to Madison, Wisconsin, where Carol had grown up.  We both liked Madison and the lifestyle it offered.  As we looked toward retirement, we made a decision to move to Madison and work together on designing and building a home we wanted to live in, in a place we wanted to be. 

We are interested in the environment and wanted to be a good neighbor to the people who live on our street and to the planet on which we live.  Our goal was to design and build a sustainable home that fit our lifestyle and was both attractive and affordable.  We used the LEED for Homes program as a structure to help us in achieving our goal.

We can be contacted by e-mail:

Carol:  carol.m.richard@gmail.com

Fred: fred.r.berg@gmail.com




Upcoming Presentations:

Carol will be on a panel at the Greener by Design Conference and Expo

CSI-Chicago & USGBC-Illinois


Print Publications:

Madison Magazine

March, 2011

21st Century Sustainable Homes

Mark Cleary


Online Publications:






The house was awarded the 2010 Future Landmark Award for Innovative New Design from the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation:

Madison Trust for Historic Preservation

Energy page updated with complete first year’s performance data:

Energy Use